Artistes - Unsparkplugged

Photos by Jason R. Burgess

Pete Allen (vocals, percussion and guitar)
Heather Enid Wells (bass, vocals and guitar), and the late John Bartram (vocals and guitar)

UnSparkPlugged was the acoustic-style mode of Bright Spark, featuring the same personnel and playing mainly similar music, but with minimal amplification and a wider range of instruments. Here are a few tracks, on free play and free download, representing some works in progress but which we never recorded as finished songs:

Sandy Beach Stroll - A short but sweet first draft of this pretty song by John, dedicated to Pete's late wife, the beautiful and talented Sandy.

The Man You Knew Yesterday -
Written by our good friend, Jason R. Burgess "Lefty", a multi-talented guy who also took the photos on this page.

All Bad Times (Must Come to an End)
- John wrote this song of hope and comfort, and Heather added the harmonies.

Dream Police - John Bartram wrote this menacing song about encroachment into our lives and the attempts by politicians to shape our views for their own ends.