Artistes - Bright Spark featuring Hannah

Bright Spark

Hannah Barker (lead vocals),
Chris Mortimer (guitar/vocals), Heather Enid Wells (bass/vocals), Pete Allen (drums/vocals)

Following the tragic and untimely death of the original Bright Spark's guitarist-vocalist-songwriter John Bartram, Heather and Pete recruited Chris Mortimer and Hannah Barker to fulfil the remaining engagements. Since then more work has come in for the band, including repeat bookings.

With our lively featured vocalist, Hannah, singing material from the 1950s to the present day, and Chris's excellent guitar work, we are now a "covers" band, just as capable as before of playing quiet dinner music, foot-tapping dance music, big-harmony pop, and rocking the night up, too, as required.

The band is now fully rehearsed, playing live in public, and available for functions, parties, clubs and festivals. Email us at Travelling Records for more information and to outline your requirements, or ring 01603 436568 (or 01603 413509) for a friendly chat without obligation.

The band now has its own website at, with video footage and details of forthcoming gigs.