Artistes - Mick Hardy

Mick Hardy

Mick Hardy
at the Branford Arms, Norwich

Norwich’s own Mick Hardy writes and sings songs that usually have a point to make. However, you need not expect the sort of po-faced lecturing that some other self-styled ‘eco-warriors’ come up with! Mick’s songs and his performance of them are often so hilarious that he has to pause to let the audience quieten down before he can deliver his next deadly line...

The subjects for Mick's songs range from rain-forests to the Royal Family, with characters including Ann Widdecombe, boy racers and chinless wonders, in locations extending from the Masonic Lodge to McDonald’s. Rumour has it that McDonald’s want to sue him over one of his songs... They have to catch him first!

Mick's material isn’t all hard-hitting stuff, though – he has also written some lovely atmospheric and mystical songs, such as Arthur’s Gone to Avalon and Minstrel from Albion, as well as some fine blues. Click on the link to hear or download for free A Little Uneasy's version of Arthur's Gone to Avalon.

Mick is an expert on crop circles and a regular contributor to the leading magazine on the subject, The Cerealogist.

Here’s Mick’s own view of his life-history so far:

“Born 24th February 1954.

Formed a band with a few schoolfriends as it seemed a good way to attract girls. I opted to play bass as it only had four strings and seemed the easiest option.

Graduated to six strings playing my own songs in the local folk clubs.

Went on the road and busked all over Europe and the South coast of England.

Got married, had two kids and a proper job for a few years.

Got divorced.

Spent most of the next twenty years playing bass in blues/rock bands, busking and performing by myself or as a duo. Had a memorable stint in Amsterdam and travelled around the West Country busking and gigging.

Recorded the Beautiful World CD.

Made it into the Movies, got a part in a film called Brothers and the Head. It’s a dark tale about a pair of conjoined twins who become a rock sensation in 1974. The film is based on a book by sci-fi author Brian Aldiss, who specifically wanted the two directors to make the film as he was a great admirer of their work.

The film was shown at a film festival in Ontario and was on general release in the UK by the end of that year.

I have recorded a jazz fusion CD with guitar maestro Caroline Martin. We have also produced a rock single called Avalanche, under the name Pendragon.

I have one or two things in the pipeline at the moment, for further details watch this space!”